Join the Spring 2022 Reading Circle

A Mass Conspiracy to Feed People

By: David B. Giles

After “Black Food Geographies” in Fall 2020, “Indigenous Food Sovereignty” in Spring 2021, “Beginning to End Hunger” Summer 2021 and “Parable of the Sower” Fall 2021, our Food Justice reading circle moves toward a conversation about capitalism, the production of food waste, scarcity, and the international networks organizing alternative political futures through David Gilles ethnography of the global “Food not Bombs” movement.

Join us Fridays this Spring 2022 semester for a facilitated discussion of “A Mass Conspiracy to Feed People” by David B. Giles.

The book can be found at most major book-sellers and as an e-book at WVU Libraries.If you have any questions about the reading group, please contact Joshua Lohnes at

The WVU Food Justice Lab is an experimental space for research and action focused on challenging food system inequalities. We are housed in the Department of Geology and Geography at West Virginia University and the WVU Center for Resilient Communities.  In addition to working with research partners we mentor, advise and support students working on food, environmental and development issues while they pursue degrees in geography and related fields at the Ph.D., M.A. and undergraduate levels at WVU.

Students affiliated with the Food Justice Lab participate in seminars, research, and real-world problem solving associated with our on-going projects.  Students are also encouraged and supported to experiment with new ways of combining learning, research, and action to create alternative futures.