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Parkersburg pop-ups

The positive energy and abundant sunshine from our trip to Parkersburg two weeks ago broke through our bleary-eyed early-morning malaise only minutes into the drive to reconnect with our friends at the Point Park Marketplace. The meeting promised a chance to put our heads together on rolling out an action packed calendar of events that will  bring a ton of fresh produce to the Parkersburg community. All in attendance were eager to begin forming a collective imagination for what pop-up markets can be and mean to seniors, children, and families in Wood County.


It was fun to see how new connections in that community are beginning to form and this meeting was a great chance for us at the lab to think about how grassroots organization can emerge at anytime. By the end of the meeting, smaller groups had formed naturally around the three types of pop-up markets that make up the calendar. We are excited to continue coordinating with these groups as they dig deeper and discover new opportunities in working together for a more just and equitable food system in their community.


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