2022 Appalachian Food Justice Institute

Applications opening soon!

The Food Justice Lab in the WVU Center for Resilient Communities is excited to recruit our 2020 Appalachian Food Justice Institute cohort to participate in a 3-week intensive course June 8th – June 26th . We are seeking applicants who are eager to develop projects and skills to support their communities. During this 3-week course, Appalachian Food Justice Institute participants will develop social justice leadership skills while learning about food policy, hunger, farming, foraging, gardens, distribution networks, cooperatives, climate change, racial justice, gender equality, and food sovereignty. Through firsthand encounters with leaders working on the frontlines of change, participants will speak to food activists and scholars, visit incubator and urban farms, food banks, and think tanks all concerned with advancing equitable food networks in West Virginia. Participants will engage current literature, lead discussions, and hear from a series of speakers engaged in food justice activism and scholarship throughout Appalachia. 

Course sessions will be held on the WVU Campus in the Center for Resilient Communities from 9:00AM – 12:00PM Monday through Friday starting June 8th and ending June 26th. Travel will be provided for participants for off-campus trips, including one overnight stay at Sprouting Farms in Talcott, WV and at least one weekly off-campus outings.

Students from WVU and West Virginia, people of color, women, LGBTQ and resource limited applicants are strongly encouraged to apply and will be given additional consideration. 

Applicants who are seeking credits from WVU or have additional questions regarding the 2020 Appalachian Food Justice Institute should contact Amanda Marple at amarple1@mail.wvu.edu for further information.