Art by Gerardo Valera

Our teaching and learning posture is informed by a passion for popular education in the Freirean tradition of critical pedagogy. The Food Justice Lab places a strong emphasis on experiential and community engaged learning, elevating histories of race, class, and gender-based inequities that prepare students, organizational leaders, and policymakers to understand and address structural oppression coded into contemporary foodways. We translate cutting-edge research on food sovereignty, food justice and the right to food into informal discussions and reading groups, learning workshops, organized summits and online resources.

Students at WVU are the heartbeat and creative energy of the Food Justice Lab. Each engages and contributes to a long-term collective ethnographic learning process alongside community-based partners. Guided by principles of care, sacrifice and concern for others, we understand our education work as situated within a myriad of utilitarian needs and purposes, serving goals in academic, private, public and civil society sectors.

Educational Initiatives