Conscious Harvest

Conscious Harvest is committed to employing innovative strategies that lead to long term food system change through a community food security framework. Their programs are specifically designed to focus on reducing the two most commonly identified barriers to fresh foods – cost and location.

FIRSTHAND Cooperative

FIRSTHAND Cooperative is a worker-owned coffee company located in the heart of Appalachia. Inspired by the principles of the fair trade movement, FIRSTHAND connects producers and consumers in mountain communities through our fair share guarantee. This commitment to mutual aid and their vision for a sharing economy along coffee supply chains supports social enterprise development abroad and right here in our mountain home.

Turnrow Farm Collective

Turnrow brings the largest specialty crop food producers in the state under one roof including Refresh Appalachia, Greenbrier Valley Grown, Gorge Grown, Whitlock Farm, and Sprouting Farms. They have recently received a USDA funded Local Food Promotion Program to formalize these activities. Turnrow is developing aggregation and distribution partnerships across the state. An exciting prospect of this program is that it will bring together disparate food hubs under a cohesive structure to help all of these emergent initiatives to cooperatively expand their efforts for healthy food access and equitable food futures in different regions of Central Appalachia. In West Virginia current partnerships extend from the Northern and Eastern panhandles to the Mid-Ohio Valley and the Southern Coalfields