Food Justice Lab Staff

Joshua Lohnes

Joshua is a broadly trained human geographer specializing in food systems research and sustainability. He earned a B.A in international business from San Diego State University (2006), an M.A. (2013) and PhD (2019) in geography from West Virginia University. He currently directs the work of the Food Justice Lab through action research projects and popular pedagogy that advance food sovereignty and the right to food in West Virginia.

Erica Stratton

Erica earned her B.A. in geography from West Virginia Unviersity (2021). She serves as the food policy research coordinator supporting state agencies, anti-hunger advocates and food policy organizers working across in West Virginia by maintaining and updating the WV FOODLINK Geographic Information Learning system and facilitating Nourishing Networks Workshops in various communities of practice.

Carolina Rascón

Carolina is a dual geography and women and gender studies major at WVU. As an undergraduate researcher, she contributes to advance an emergent movement for the Right to Food in West Virginia. Alongside community partners, she co-organized the Voices of Hunger WV project to elevate individual stories of food insecurity across the state and bring those to bear on efforts by activists to codify the Right to Food in the West Virginia constitution. Over the past year she has supported people with firsthand experience of food insecurity to become leaders of this conversation.

Sustainable Development Interns (Spring ’22)

A’ngelay Walter

Isaac Henry DeBastiani

Mark Walter McKnight

Courtney Denise O’Neal

Jordan Dixon-Gross

Jillian Blair